A downloadable texture mod


This is a mod for Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash!

These assets make the game look BLACK!

Please note not everything may be black

Once you download the files you will find a text document named 'README'

Open the file and discover why not everything is black.

Baldi's Blackout Birthday Bash is set in WW2, the Germans have just got into the schoolhouse and are taking over! Your job is to collect the secret files and predict what their next strike will be!

To find more about blackout, click here.

The file is windows only (I think)


Copyright overfulwerl@itch.io

Liscencing apply's to all projects. Saying the project is your's could be fined $50

Terms apply

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file 

Copy the ASSETS FILES ONLY and the unity default resources

Paste them in the Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash data folder

Play the game!


Baldi's Blurred Basics v.0.0.0.zip 12 MB